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This Beginners Linocut "Mini Kit" contains the basic tools you will need to get started on your new journey to becoming a lincocut printmaker. This kit is a great option for the crafty person who might already have paper and useful arts and crafts tools on hand.

With a handy step-by-step instruction booklet and quality tools made in the UK you can start making some beautiful and unique art. 

As a self taught artist myself, I truly believe that everyone can create with their hands. This is why I have put together this starter kit perfect for yourself or as a gift for the creative mind in your life. 

Beginners Linocut "Mini Kit"

€ 28,50Price
  • 1 x Beginner Linocut Booklet including handy step-by-step instructions and photos to guide you through the process. 

    1 x 50mm rubber ink roller by Essdee, made in the UK

    1 x 10 blade carving tool by Essdee, made in the UK

    1 x 20ml tins of black, water-based block printing ink

    1 x A5 sized soft-cut carving blocks by Essdee, made in the UK

    1 x A5 sheets tracing paper

    Items you will need to provide:

    Paper for printing your art on - blank greeting cards are also a good option.

    A flat, easily washable surface to roll your ink out onto. Think an Ikea serving tray, or even an unused piece of glass from a picture frame.

    A metal or wooden spoon for hand-printing your art. 

    Some kitchen drawer liner or anti-slip carpet mat to use under your carving block. 

    Small spoon or paint spatula for scooping ink out of the tin.

    Ball point pen for tracing your art onto the carving block. 

    Soap and water for cleaning up. 

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