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Get creative and learn a new skill with your friends or colleagues!

With a minimum of  5 participants, you can book a private workshop. Select from some of the themes from below, or we can work together to create something custom. 

All of my  workshops are aimed at beginners who want to learn simple linocut techniques. 

  • Beginner Linocut Print - Botanical

  • Beginner Linocut Print - Greeting Cards

  • Beginner Linocut Print - Choose your Own  Design Theme

  • Carving & Hand Printing Tote Bags 

  • Carving & Hand Printing Rompers - *A great option for a one-of-a-kind baby shower!*

  • Carving & Hand Printing Tea Towels

  • Carving & Hand Printing Decorative Pillows

  • Carving & Hand Printing - Choose your own textile

During a 3-4 hour session, I will show you how to carve simple designs, using a sharpe gouge tool and a softcut lino material. Depending on the theme of the workshop, we will then print your designs onto paper or textile using water based inks. 

For all workshops I will provide all materials and some basic design illustrations in which we will focus on carving lines of varying thicknesses. Participants are always more than welcome to bring their own designs of any subject matter if they wish. Bring on the creativity!  

Learn how to…

  • Create a simple one color relief print. 

  • Carve a variety of mark making techniques using linocut tools. 

  • Bring your own designs or use the provided designs. 

  • Print your design by hand, using water-based inks. 

  • Take home your very own art print or printed textile.

All workshops are taught in English.  I do not recommend children under the age of 12 years as we will be using very sharp tools, and accidents happen - even with adults! 

If you are interested in a workshop aimed at a younger audience, see below.


  • A Private workshop start at €300 including 5 participants, all materials are included. 

  • Additional participants are €30 each.

  • If you do not have a location for your workshop, I can offer rental suggestions of which some offer catering as well.

    *Potential travel costs
     or parking fees may be billed separately



Workshops for Children 

For workshops aimed at children under 12 years of age, we will not be using any sharp tools. Using a collection of already carved designs children will focus on designing and printing their own textiles they can take home with them. These workshops take 1-1.5 hours. 

  • Design and print tote bags

  • Design and print tee-shirts

  • Design and print bandanas

  • Design and print pillow cases

For children's workshops the price starts at €200 including 5 participants, all materials, travel costs and potential parking fees. 

Please note that all workshops are taught in English. If there is bi-lingual adult who can help translate, I can do my best in Dutch as well. :)

Private Linocut Workshops

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