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Lino Portraits

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Portraiture in the method of linocut printmaking is a beautiful way to capture the individual qualities of loved ones past and present. Their uniqueness is reflected not only in the subjects themselves but the inherit organic and imperfect nature of the printmaking process.

Once a portrait has been commissioned, I will work with you to obtain a variety of reference photos which I feel will reflect the subject in a flattering way with a vision toward the final print. Once I have completed the initial design you will have a chance to review it and provide me with feedback to and make any adjustments necessary.

Once the final design is approved, I will hand carve it into a block of linoleum and hand print an edition (a number of prints we have agreed upon) of your new portrait with an ink and paper combination we have previously agreed on. Each print will be hand numbered, signed and packed with an artists statement.

If you are interested in commissioning a portrait with me or have any questions about the process and pricing, please don’t hesitate to email me

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